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Almanac of the Gross cover

Almanac of Alien Encounters
by Eric Elfman
Illustrated by Jeff Westover

Are we alone in the universe?

Throughout history, people have told stories about aliens coming down from the sky, landing on Earth, and communicating with humans--sometimes even abducting them!

Almanac of Alien Encounters is filled with famous UFO sightings, reports of encounters with aliens and crashed flying saucers, government cover-ups, deliberate hoaxes, and alternative theories explaining the existence of UFOs.

Read it and decide foryourself.

The Reviews Are Pouring In!

"Though it is a small pocketbook-sized tome, it nevertheless is unexpectedly complete and interesting. It has lots of weird illustrations for kiddies of all ages, and there are also some neat graphs, including one that gives brief accounts of a dozen little-known sightings from 1904 to 1945....This book was authored by someone named Eric Elfman (a pseudonym?) who has written previous children's books and obviously did his homework on this one."

    -- James W. Moseley, Saucer Smear, February 20, 2002

(NOTE FROM ERIC: My name is most definitely not a pseudonym!)

"A wealth of UFO sighting reports from ancient Egypt to China in 1999 gives this work an uncommon breadth and depth of coverage....On the whole, this is a fine, up-to-date summary of the many aspects of a compelling subject."

    -- Ann G. Brouse, School Library Journal, September 2001

"I have never seen a book on the young adult level which provides so much information to the young reader in such a simple, yet adult-like, manner. The book gives an excellent overview of the early flying saucer sightings, from prehistory right up to the present. Having a section on what to do if you see a UFO is encouraging to us UFO investigators."

    -- Raymond W. Cecot, Organizational Director, IRAAP

"This is an in-depth, thought provoking look at classic unsolved sightings, close encounters with ETs, crop circles, ancient astronauts, cattle mutilations, SETI and more."

    -- MUFON-SD Newsletter

"This is a highly interesting, fascinating book. If you have ever wondered if we are the only life forms out there, this book will definitely help you decide for yourself. It had all of the recorded alien encounters, abductions and myths. It was kind of deep and scary, so I would recommend this book for ages 10 and up."

    -- Rebecca Morrison, age 11, "What the Kids Have to Say" page, Parent's Guide to Children's Media, Inc.

• Featured on the CBC (Children's Book Council) October Showcase, "Children's Creepshow"

• Spotlighted as a "New and Notable Teen Book", Columbus, OH, Metropolitan Library

Break out the bubbly! Almanac of Alien Encounters has made two "Best of 2001" book lists:

  • The Anomalist Book List 2001 (listed as a book "particularly worth your attention"); and
  • "The Year in Weird" Books of the Year 2001.

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