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Welcome to ElfmanWorld
The homebase, the hangout
The virtual living room of Eric Elfman,
Author, raconteur, sportsman, wit


    TESLA'S ATTIC by Neal Shusterman and Eric Elfman, the first book of the Accelerati Trilogy from Disney-Hyperion Books, is now available in paperback! Rick Riordan called it a "super-fun, hilarious adventure!"

    —and the adventure continues—

    EDISON'S ALLEY, the second book of the Accelerati Trilogy is now out in hardcover. It will be released in paperback in January of 2016!

    Get them online or at your local bookstore!

    And be sure to Send Eric your Scary Stories and Gross Nuggets!

    Speaking of scary -- a real Water Monster has been found! Read all about it in this week's Spooky Morsel!

Gross Nugget - Gross New World Records
The weirdest, the strangest, the most disgusting world records on record.
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Spooky Morsel - A Real Sea Monster!
Scientists have discovered the remains of a water monster in Norway!
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UFO Tidbit - UFOs in the NEWS
Britain's Ministry of Defense release their secret document archive!

Eric's Extras - Articles, Novels, and More!
Noah's Ark, the Serialized Novel (Installment 26)
One Minute Movie Review: "Megamind"

Brain Tissue - Observations, Thoughts & Random Comments
An Olympic Memory

Eric is the award-winning author of books for kids and teens, including Almanac of the Gross, Disgusting & Totally Repulsive, The Very Scary Almanac, the Three Minute Thrillers series, and three X-Files novels. He has also written movies, TV shows, animation and more.

Click this link to read scary stories and thrilling excerpts from Eric's Books!

Eric is hard at work, as usual--writing movies, developing new TV shows, and researching more books. Even so, he spends a lot of time here and he loves to read what you write to him.

So come on in, sit down, relax and explore...ElfmanWorld!

Have a comment or question? Send it to Eric!

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