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And You Thought the Florida Recount Was Bad!

    Our presidential election recount mess in Florida was nothing compared to a recount in Thailand in March 2002, according to an AP article.

    In the northeastern province of Srisaket, a candidate demanded a recount after his party lost by only 13 votes. After several months and an investigation, Thailand's National Election Commission finally determined that mistakes were made during the counting, and they ordered a recount.

    The ballot box had been kept in the local police station for safe keeping after the election. When it was opened, officials discovered that thousands of ballots had been chewed, shredded and eaten by mice, termites, and other pests inside the box. A family of at least six mice had made a nest in the ballot box, and used the shredded ballots to make themselves comfortable.

    The election commission decided the chewed ballots should be counted anyway, and they were sent to Bangkok. Chances are good the losing party will refuse to accept the results as final.

    And we thought hanging chad was bad!

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