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Medical Maggots
According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, doctors at UC Irvine have discovered a wonderful new use for maggots.
When patients have certain kinds of wounds--bedsores, leg ulcers, diabetic foot wounds--the skin around the wound can die or become infected, making it nearly impossible for the patient to heal. Traditionally, doctors try to cut away the infected skin--which is very difficult to do with precision--and they sometimes even have to amputate limbs to save the life of the patient.
But a doctor at UC Irvine discovered that maggots can be used to eat the dead skin around the wounds. He just puts freshly-hatched maggots in bandages and wraps them around the wound. Patients who have participated in the study have done very well. One man who wasn't responding to conventional treatments was told he would have to have his legs amputated. Instead he signed up for the study, and saved his legs. For several weeks, fresh bandages with maggots were applied to his wounds every three days. Soon the infection was gone and his legs healed. Describing the treatment, the patient said on the last of the three days he could feel the maggots crawling around, but that they didn't hurt at all.

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