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What Is that Perfume You're Wearing?

    You might sometimes notice people selling inexpensive versions of expensive perfumes at curbsides and swapmeets. If you or a loved one is used to spending $60 for a small bottle of good perfume, you might think that five dollars for a much larger bottle that smells pretty much the same is an awfully good deal. Well, it's awful, all right.

    According to inspectors in England, they tested some of that cheap perfume--and it turned out to be a mixture of perfume and urine. That's right--unscrupulous dealers were adding urine, of all things, to perfume so they could sell more of it and make more money. Actually, when you think about it, it makes a kind of twisted logic--after all, urine is the same color as perfume, the perfume hides the smell of the urine, and best of all it's free!

    The British trade spokeman urged consumers to avoid buying cheap versions of perfume, and to stick to the real thing. And here's my advice: if you bought any cheap perfume recently, you might want to do what should have been done to it a long time ago: flush it down the toilet!

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