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There's Something Rotten in Denmark!

    Tasty -- or is that nasty -- foods from many lands!

    There is such a wide variety of wonderful and exotic foods around the world that it shouldn't surprise us if some of them seem a little, well, unusual. It's true -- food that one culture finds a delightful local delicacy other cultures may view with dismayed disgust. Want a few examples? Here are some of my favorites!

    (Warning: Don't read this if you're about to eat lunch!)

Bats (eaten in Indonesia)

Dried and smoked, they taste a lot like beef jerky.

Blood Pudding (eaten in England)

Made from the blood, fat, and trimmings of butchered meat.

Durian (eaten in Southeast Asia)

A large fruit with a tough, hard skin. Inside the skin, the fruit is as soft as pudding. But the smell has been compared to rotting flesh or sewage.

Haggis (eaten in Scotland)

Oatmeal, discarded trimmings from the butcher, and special spices, all boiled in a sheep's stomach.

Mountain Potato (eaten in Japan)

Grated and eaten raw. When grated, the potato oozes a gooey slime that looks and feels like mucus.

Poi (eaten in Hawaii)

Pounded taro root. It has been described as tasting like "library paste without the flavor." Day old poi is also enjoyed, because that's when it turns sour.

Sago Worms (eaten in Papua New Guinea and Borneo)

Beetle larvae, big, fat, and creamy white. They are roasted on a spit until they are crispy outside with a gooey soft center.

Skaerpekoed (eaten in Denmark)

A leg of a sheep. It is hung outdoors to dry for about a month, then moved to a dark, cool basement for another two to three months, until it gets good and ripe.

Squirrel Brains (eaten in areas of Kentucky)

The skull of the squirrel is cracked open and the brain, about the size of a walnut, is sucked out.

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