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Worm Meals
A friend of mine loaned me an African cookbook recently. While most of the traditional recipes sound delicious (an ostrich fillet, rich curries, meaty stews, and scrumptious desserts), she knew I would be particularly interested in two of the dishes that are a little bit more, well, culturally challenging.

The first difficult-to-digest dish is Caterpillars. According to the book, caterpillars are prized as delicacies by people in several different regions of Africa. This is how to cook them: squeeze out their insides, wash them off, and then fry them in their own body fat.

Sometimes the caterpillars are preserved to be eaten at a later time. In that case, they are boiled in water and then dried in the sun. When it's time to eat them, they must first be boiled in water again, and then fried in fat.

The second off-putting meal is Mopani Worms. (Unfortunately, the book doesn't explan what "mopani" means, or where mopani worms come from.) First the dried mopani worms are soaked in hot salty water until the worms swell up, then they are boiled in fresh water. After that, they are fried in oil. Next they are combined with chopped onions, tomatoes and a chili sauce. Finally they are served with a thick corn porridge.

Mmm-mm! Now that's good eating!

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