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Noah's Ark coverNoah's Ark
a Novelization by Eric Elfman
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Based on the NBC-TV miniseries starring Oscar winner Jon Voight as Noah, the Biblical hero who built the ark. This lavish, four-hour production featured dazzling special effects, computerized creatures and a cast of thousands of animals in an epic story of literally Biblical proportions.

The miniseries aired in the United States on NBC-TV on May 2 & 3, 1999.

Noah's Ark

The story of how Noah saves his family and all the animals of the world from the Great Flood is one of the most powerful and awe-inspiring of all Bible stories, with its cataclysmic imagery and powerful moral message. As told here, it is also a saga filled with warmth and humor. The story begins with the destruction of two great cities. Noah, his wife and his sons are among the few to escape. An outcast in his new village, Noah meets ridicule when he builds a great ark at the height of a long drought. But when the animals start to arrive two by two and the drought turns to a great flood, the villagers stop laughing.

The animals themselves take on part of the job of protecting Noah and the ark, which is attacked by villagers on the ground, and pirates and monsters at sea. An even bigger challenge for Noah and the animals is keeping everyone on the straight and narrow path, even as the ship veers uncontrollably to its final destination: the top of Mount Ararat, where the animals are set free and human history begins anew.

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