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How to Survive a Vampire

    The vampire is one of the most frequently-encountered monsters in all folklore. Stories of vampire-like creatures, living corpses who must drink blood to survive, have been found in the legends of nearly every cultures around the world. But most of the popular lore that we now associate with vampires (such as the belief that a vampire can only be killed by a stake through its heart) originated in eastern Europe around the 16th century.

    According to this folklore, if you suspect a vampire is stalking you, you should follow some or all of these steps:

    • While the vampire sleeps, place a wild rose on its coffin. The vampire will not be able to get out.
    • Lay a broom on the vampire's grave. When the vampire comes out at night, it will be compelled to count the straws of the broom. If you use a big enough broom, the vampire will stay busy until sunrise.
    • Scatter handfuls of grain on the vampire's grave. The vampire will have to gather all the individual grains before it can leave.
    • If you're being chased by a vampire, try to cross a bridge over a river or stream. Vampires can't cross running water.
    • Use a cross or other religious symbol to keep the vampire away.
    • Wear garlands of garlic around your neck. Vampires are repelled by the smell.
    • Never invite a suspected vampire into your house. Vampires can't enter a home without being invited. But once they are asked in, they can come and go as they please.

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