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Your Spooky Tales

    Many of you have responded to my requests, and have written to tell me of your own ghostly encounters at school and at home. I present some of these tales now for your delectation and delight.

    Now it is up to the rest of you to decide. Do you believe the events described here really occurred? Or are they simply works of the imagination. Either way...enjoy!

Freaky Fridays
by Catercow
One Friday afternoon at my school, the seventh grade was eating lunch and all of a sudden this kid just started choking and he couldn't breathe. The creepy thing about it is that he wasn't eating or talking or anything he was just sitting there. And the weirdest part of all is that when the ambulance came, they said that there was nothing wrong with him at all. And then later he told me that he could feel someone choking him.

Later on in the day, in my Math class (6th period), this girl went to the bathroom, and she came running back saying that when she was in there she knew she was by herself but when she came out there was a girl with curly black hair standing there, and she didn't even hear the door open. Then when she started to turn away, the girl disappeared.

I heard from my friend in French class that this one girl (also with curly black hair) walked into the class room and her eyes rolled into the back of her head, then back again, and then she walked away. And I remember hearing my friends talk about how our school used to be a shopping plaza with a movie theater, and that a girl with curly black hair had hanged herself there on a Friday afternoon. So every Friday afternoon something odd happens.

Haunted Girls' Room
by Angel4ever

My old school was haunted. If you were in the bathroom and were real quiet, you could hear the sound of someone crying. And sometimes the doors to all the stalls would open, and no one was there. But if you glanced in the end stall very quickly, you could see a girl with tear soaked cheeks, but when you looked back she was gone.

Haunted Boys' Room
by SgtTor

I was in the 5th grade and supposedly the boys bathroom on the first floor was haunted. I was new to the school so I didn't know. I went downstairs to use the bathroom. Right before I got done, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I got the chills.

Then right when I zipped up my pants all the toilets and urinals flushed by themselves. Even the one I was using! I got scared and ran out. [I wonder if that was a ghost--or if the boys' room just had toilets with automatic flushers! --Eric]

When I told the guys from my class what happened they told me that weird things happened there.

[And how come so many ghosts hang out in restrooms? --Eric again]

Haunted House
by Danae
My name is Danae and I lived in a haunted house. It had a huge backyard and freaky things happened to me in that house. I think it was built on a cemetary but I don't know for sure. Here are some examples of the kinds of things that happened.

1. Sometimes when doors were closed all the way they would unlatch and open again.

2. When my sister and I were alone in the house we heard sounds. Not the floor boards creaking but things like whistles. My friend said someone was buried there.

We moved away from that place when I was 9 and I'm 11 now.

The Spirit of Theater
by a Former Drama Student

Hey, I'm writing to you about a school I used to attend where the theatre was supposedly haunted. I would deeply appreciate it if my e-mail address was left unknown.

The last school I attended had a really nice theatre. It made a lot of people from other schools jealous. Sometimes our drama teacher would let us go up to the catwalk to just kinda chill.

One time me and a group of 5 friends were up there hanging and the teach turned all the lights off so it was pitch black. We were up there for a few minutes when we heard scratching type noises and something that sounded like someone walking, but we were all sitting down.

As our eyes adjusted we could see that all 6 of us (me and 5 other peeps) were all sitting down--but as I looked up I could kinda see a shadowy figure seeming to stand above one of my friends. It disappeared and I thought I musta imagined it.

Then we were telling scary stories to freak each other out and we heard a clanking noise and we looked to where it came from, and we saw like a white figure, hard to see, but it seemed like we could make out a face. It was just over in the corner and we all looked at each other like "oh my god" and we looked back and it was gone.

Later that week we were all standing on the stage fooling around, and we turned the lights off again and laid out on the stage in the dark. It was just us and the teacher there, and the teacher was in his office. As we lay there we heard the clanking noise again and we all stood up and huddled together. We looked up in the direction of the catwalk, thinking we might see something but it was pitch black.

We calmed down again when one girl screamed and pointed at the catwalk and there was a white figure seeming to float up there. Then it disappeared. We all freaked and ran out of there.

Later on we were told that a woman died in that theater or something like that.

This is Eric again.
Well there you have it -- a sample of unexplained events. What do you think? Real ghosts, overactive imaginations, or completely made up?

And remember--if you have your own ghost story, by all means send it to me, and I will add it to my collection, and post it here if you give me permission. Send it to Click here to send a message to Eric!

I'll be seeing you.

More of Your Haunting Tales

Many of you have responded to my request, and have written to tell me of your own ghostly encounters at school and other places. Here's another that I present for your entertainment pleasure.

The Camper's Tale
by Casey

The other weekend, me and three friends decided to go camping at a small campground. So we loaded up the CD player, nsync, and our blankets, stuffed animals and things like that to keep us warm. Down about 100 feet or so from our campsite there was a bathroom with stalls and places to take showers and stuff. Well, we were all hanging around the fire when I really needed to get to that bathroom. Steph, who is twice as brave as me, came with me. To keep me calm, she talked to me the whole time. After I finished my business, while we were both washing our hands, I looked at my watch to see what time it was. 12:15. We quit talking to fix our hair, and we heard a little girl say "Hi!!" I turned around and there was NO one, I mean NO one there! All the stalls were open and I started to cry, so we went outside. Steph said it was just one of the other campers, but I checked and NO ONE was outside, either!

So when we got up to the tent we put on our jammies and slipped into our sleeping bags. We talked about boys and stuff for about an hour, until we fell asleep. I woke up a little later. I didn't know who else was awake, so I rolled over to go back to sleep. Then I heard Danny say, "Cindy, do you hear that??"

Cindy whispered "It's just a train. It's nothing scary." Danny replied, "NO! Not the train. The footsteps."

I thought maybe they were just trying to scare me, knowing that I'm the most gullible. But then I heard them too. Cindy rolled over and said, "Casey are you awake?" I was like, "Yes." She said, "Do you hear that?" And I said, "Yeah."

So we lay there quietly listening to the heavy footsteps walk around our tent. Then we heard something so weird it still gives me chills. First I heard a bike squeaking, and then a man sounding like he was getting knifed.

We finally woke up Steph, the brave one, and she didn't believe us. But she did when we went outside and we saw the footprints. Then, while we were gathering up our junk, another camper came up and asked us if we were walking around and touching their camper. We were like, "No..." Freaky, huh?

The Ouija Board
by CeCe

My name is CeCe. I am 12 years old and have a ghost story to tell. Okay, here goes....

One time, my friend Meghan came over to my house. We were both upstairs in my room. We turned off all the lights in the room and closed the shades so it was pitch black. Then I took out my new, glow-in-the dark Ouija Board and sat down across from Meghan on my bed with it. We lit 10 candles and put them in a circle around us. We put our fingers lightly on the planchette and asked if there was a spirit in the room with us. It quickly pointed to "yes".

Cool, huh? Knowing that there is a spirit in the room with you. Wrong. Not if it isn't a good spirit...

After asking if there was a spirit in the room and getting our answer, me and Meghan both asked if it was an evil spirit. It pointed to "yes"! Right when it answered yes, all the lights in the house went out, my bedroom door slammed shut, the candles all flickered out, and we heard a girl scream. The weirdest thing is there was no one else home!

This is my most horrifying ghost story. Hope you like it!

The Devil's Barn
by Samantha

My name is Samantha. Here is my story. I was in Louisiana visiting my aunt's house. My cousin Josh and me went out after it got dark.

Josh and some of his friends drove me to an abandoned barn. We parked the car and walked up to the barn. But the vines hanging over the door looked to us like they were in the shape of a devil. One of Josh's friends decided he didn't want to go in. To tell the truth, I really didn't want to go in either, so we were walking back to the car when I felt someone touch my shoulder. There was no mistaking it, someone definitely touched me. But when I looked back, no one was anywhere near me! Zack was at least six feet away, so he couldn't have touched me, and none of his friends were any closer.


This is Eric again.
So what do you think? Real ghost, overactive imagination, or completely made up?

And remember--if you have your own ghost story, by all means send it to me, and I will add it to my collection, and post it here if you give me permission. Send it to Click here to send a message to Eric!

I'll be seeing you. Bwaa-ha-ha-ha-ha...

Even More of Your Haunting Tales

Thank you for continuing to respond to my request, and writing to tell me of your own ghostly encounters. Are they true, or are they works of the imagination? Here are a several more that I present for you, my readers, to decide.

From Angelface, "The Robber Vision Story"

Well, it was my birthday party and it was a sleepover, and at around 3 o'clock in the morning we all huddled together in a big circle in the den and suddenly we all felt something behind us at the same time. Since my house is backed up by woods, sometimes I hear animal noises, but this was different, it totally freaked me out. While we were all huddled together, I looked toward the kitchen, and I saw a man, all dressed in black, with a black baseball cap on. He was walking toward the stairs leading to the second floor, where my Mom and her jewelry were, so turned to my friends and whispered "Look, look, there, there's someone there", but when we turned back he was gone, and my friends didn't see anyone. We had just moved into our house and were getting the security hooked up the following Friday.

About a month or two later he came back. I'm serious, and anyone in my family will swear to it. It was during summer vacation, and I couldn't get to sleep, so I got in my mom's bed at about 1 am. At 3 am, my Mom woke me up, and said she heard our alarm beep, and it only does that when someone opens a door or window leading to outside. She handed me the car keys and told me to stand by the door while she searched the house with my dog. I looked out every window, and at first I didn't see anybody, but then I saw him. It was the same robber. I tried to scream to my Mom, but I couldn't. It was like I was frozen. My Mom said she couldn't find anyone and told me to go back to bed.

It was really creepy, and I hope I never see him again.

From Ryoko, Two Stories

OK. I have two stories for you, both are very true.

1. Everyone knows the tale of Bloody Mary, and how to bring her about. Well, I also heard that if you see her in the mirror, or see blood in the mirror, then someone very close to you will die. Well, the thing that made me believe that story was about two years ago I was having a sleepover with my closest friends. Three of them decided to go into the bathroom, turn off the lights, and chant Bloody Mary. The rest of us (there were four of us left) decided we would just sit and chill. All of a sudden, my three friends came out of the bathroom screaming. I asked what was wrong, and my friend Destiny said that she had seen blood in the mirror. My other two friends, Natalia and Loretta, didn't see anything, but they believed Destiny wholeheartedly. We shook it off, and decided it was their imaginations. Until Destiny went to change. Of course, the only bathroom available to us was the one they had chanted in. On the way there, we heard Destiny cry out in pain. She had smashed her toe into a brick, which is weird, because our house isn't made out of bricks, and I'd never noticed any bricks laying around. But that wasn't fatal of course, so we shook that off too. But a few weeks later, her father had a near fatal accident and he almost broke his back. Next time you want to summon Bloody Mary, think twice.

2. My cousin lives in San Francisco, and has a house that was built during World War I. Part of it is under the street, and the room under the street was used as a bomb shelter in WWI. It's blocked off now because a boy about my cousin's age (13) was crushed in there by a wall falling on him. His initials (TM) were the same as my cousin's, and those same initials are on the stucco outside the house. No matter how much they try, they cannot remove the initials on the wall. Anyway, right after my cousin's 13th birthday, the same wall began to crack and fall and it almost fell right on top of her! Fortunately, she's still alive.

I hope you like my stories!

From Brittni, Reflections on a Murder

Umm, my aunt lives in an apartment where someone was murdered. The last time I visitedher, I went with my friend. She left something in the car and went back to get it. Well, while I was looking out the door window at my friend, I noticed how I could not only see outside, but I could see the reflection of the room I was standing in, too . Just then, I saw a woman with strawberry blonde hair in the reflection. I turned around to see who it was, but no one was there! Right then my friend knocked on the door and I let her in. When I asked my aunt what the woman looked like who got murdered (I didn't tell her about "it"), she said the woman had blondish hair and blue eyes.

Eric here, again.
So what do you think? True stories of real ghosts? True stories of overactive imaginations? Or completely made up?

And remember--if you have your own ghost story, by all means send it to me, and I will add it to my collection, and post it here if you give me permission. Send it to Click here to send a message to Eric!

Pleasant dreams...

Have a comment or question or Spooky Morsel to share? Click here to send a message to Eric!

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