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More of Your Spooky Tales

    Many of you have written to tell me of your own paranormal encounters at school and elsewhere. I present some of these tales now for your evaluation.

    Do you believe the events described here really occurred? If so, can you imagine an ordinary explanation? Or could it be ghosts? Or are they simply works of the imagination. Whatever you believe...enjoy!

Cemetery Spook
by K.

So this is how the story goes. Me and my friends went to the cemetery one Halloween night, and we decided to play hide and seek. Me and my friend Nicola hid near the entrance of the cemetery when we saw a shadow moving toward us. We thought it was Ronnie (the person who was seeking), so we ran behind some bushes. But the shadow got closer. And we saw that it wasn't Ronnie so we snuggled down and covered our mouths and it got so close to the bush we could have touched it.

Well, as we looked, we could see it was a lady in a black dress holding a baby. The thing is, we got out of the bush because the person looked so real.

My friend tapped the lady on the shoulder and said excuse me, are you lost. The woman said nothing. So we walked away, and when we looked back she was gone.

So what was it? A real ghost....Or just our imagination? Please help me!

Ghosts in the Machine

Hi Eric,

I have been experiencing some unusual activity in my apartment lately. My television seems to go off and on all by itself. It's mostly in the morning, around 10 a.m. Also, just today, the volume on my TV kept adjusting itself from high to low. Strange. I'm not sure if there could be any other explaination or not.

I have had one other happening a few years back, while visiting my mother-in-law. At that time, the timer on her stove went off by itself. When I moved into the kitchen area to see why, the timer knob flew off and landed on the edge of the stove.

Well that about sums up my happenings. Any comments would be appreciated.

Ghosts, Ghosts Everywhere, Part 1

Hi , I'm 15 and I can see ghost everywhere. I can feel their presence everywhere. My mom tells me that I, like, have a sixth sense, but I don't believe her. Here are a few recent encounters that I can tell you about.

Encounter #1.
After work when I come home, I'm all by myself, so I put on some music and just chill...but I can feel a presence in the room.

Encounter #2.
I'm watching TV in the living room, and I can feel a presence walk from the dining room, walk past the TV in the living room, where I am, and into my room.

Encounter # 3.
I was at a volunteer center where I help out. I was in the theater, backstage, by myself doing nothing, just resting on the couch, and I could feel this dark energy presence in the women's dressing room. I was totally freaking out, until my ex-boyfriend came along and checked out the room. We both went in the room, and even with the lights on I could still feel that bad presence. When we were going out of the room, I felt an angry energy behind me. I knew that the spirit did not want to be bothered.

Encounter #4.
I usually don't wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, but for three nights in a row I did wake up. I can see what time it is when I go into the bathroom, and for the three nights, it was always 2:15 in the morning.

Whenever I leave my room, I have to move a curtain out of my way as I step through my doorway (I don't have a door). So the first night I woke up, I could see this figure of a young girl standing where my curtain is.

I thought that I was still dreaming, so I just passed through the blurry figure. But I felt something weird. It was like a tingling sensation all over my body. This happened all three nights in a row. It was like the girl wanted to communicate to me, but she never did.

After the three days, I never saw her again in my room.

Well those are some things that I wanted to share. I have more stories to tell, but I'll tell them later in time.

Surrounded by Screams
by Name Withheld

Well, what happened was this. My friend and I went to our middle school around 2:00 a.m. in the morning to hang out, just her and I.

We started hearing what sounded like a bird of some sort at first, and then the bird noise stopped and a noise from the far distance started up. This noise was very faint but it sounded like someone screaming in a way. This screaming was sounding off and on, but every time it would start up again it would be louder, as if it was getting closer to us. The screaming sounded like it was coming from a building next store. Then a baby or a child's scream was added to the noise we heard.

Then it stopped again, but then when it started up again it wasn't just like screaming, it was like children roaring, a lot of children, maybe 30 of them. This roring noise was surrounding us in the courtyard. It sounded like it was recess, but at 2:00 in the morning with no kids around.

The noise was still getting even louder and louder. My friend and I finally freaked out so we got up and left right then. And that was what happened.

Hawaii Hoodoo
by Anonymous

I used to live in Hawaii and during the first year I was there the weirdest things happened in my neighborhood. This is the story.

June 13. We moved into our new house. I was the first one in and looked around while my dad, sister, and stepmom were still outside. The house was not big at all but was very pretty. Suddenly I heard a sound as if someone was walking up the stairs, so I looked over at the stairs and no one was there. My family was still outside and I just got scared to death and stood there.

A few nights later I heard the sound again and then the scariest thing happened. I was laying in my bed and no one else was in my room when my covers suddenly felt as if someone was tugging on them from a corner. I screamed as loud as I could but then I felt something covering my mouth and then I couldn't breathe.

The neighborhood I lived in always had this kind of stuff happening in it. For instance, my neighbor's daughter would wake up screaming and saying her toys were floating around yelling cuss words at her.

This was all so weird and it happened for 3 years straight. Mostly we would hear people going up and down the stairs and people laughing when no one was there. It was weird and scary.

You may show this but don't show my email address.

A Ghostly Visitation
by A Reader

Hi. I'm not going to tell you my name because I'd rather not.

I'm going to tell you a story about my house. Before we moved in, in the 1950s, a murder took place in my house.

So anyways, I was home alone one night and I was getting ready for bed when I heard some sounds coming from the other room. I really didn't think anything of it because most of the time it's my mom coming home from work. I woke up a little later and got out of bed and went into the kitchen to get a drink of water. When I got there I noticed that my mom's room was lit up, so I figured she was up reading or something. But when I went into her room, nobody was there. That's when I started getting really freaked out, because I heard the sound of a door opening earlier and the light in my mom's room was on when I clearly remembered it was off all day.

I went back to my room and I swear I saw somebody sitting on my bed looking straight ahead. That's when I screamed, and the person disappeared.

Needless to say my mom won't believe me and now I'm really nervous about staying in my room!

Park Place
by A.A.

We were in the 5th grade. It was like the last day of school and we had a field trip. It was almost time to go home and we had to eat first at some type of park (I forget the name). But when we got up there, there were lots of people and we couldnt find a spot to sit down. So then we decided to go down a hill and we found a nice spot under a tree.

And across the street there was this house. It had bars in front the windows, locks on almost all of the doorways and a big old fence, and it was like hidden behind trees.

Everbody was like "you want to go in?" I was like "ya."

Remember I told you the doors had locks on them? Well guess how we got in?

While my frineds were trying to find a way in, I went around into the woods. And there was a large gate back there. Let me tell how huge this gate was, it was like something the U.S. army would use to protect themselves from some type of animal. Deep under the gate there was a door.

I went back and got my friends and told them. Next thing I know they said who's going first. I said me. When I got down I waited for my friends Machell and Deron. The other three, Nessy, Britney and Rashard, stood watch. When they got down I opened the door and we all went in at the same time holding hands, shivering half to death.

Inside it smelled damp and wet. It stank like somebody had died over millions of years ago. There was blood all over the place. I heard strange noises like scratches, foot steps and screaming. I felt sick of the blood. I was scared, and when I get scared bumps grow on my arm and neck.

I started to scrach and I turned around and I saw a women with odd looking clothes on with black and gray hair. My friend saw her too. I couldn't see through her but she had like some type of light behind her.

Machell hollared. Deron took off running and me right behind him. Machell was on the side of me when we got to the gate.

My teacher was standing right there waiting. When I went home I told my mom what happened. She said that it was probably the teacher trying to scare us.

    Eric here, again.
    So what do you think? True stories of real ghosts? True stories of overactive imaginations? Or completely made up? Let me know what you think!

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    And remember--if you have had an encounter with the paranormal, or an experience with the unexplained, I want to hear about it! If you have your own ghost story, by all means send it to me, and I will add it to my collection, and post it here if you give me permission. Send it to Click here to send a message to Eric!

    Pleasant dreams...

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