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Voltage and Bad Sign coversVoltage and Bad Sign:
X-Files Novelizations
by "Easton Royce"

Neal Shusterman and Eric Elfman, collaborating under the pen name "Easton Royce" have crafted two of the creepiest X-Files novelizations yet, with these televised tales of teens gone bad:


The story of teenager Darren Oswald whose body harnesses the power of lightning.

Bad Sign

The tale of two girls who are suddenly granted the power of life and death over everyone in their small town.

An excerpt from VOLTAGE:

Scully was used to examining dead bodies, many in far worse condition than this one. But she could never completely push from her mnd the awareness that this mass of flesh and bone before her had once been a living human being--a real person, filled with hopes, ambitions, dreams.

Her gloved finger pried open one of the boy's eyelids. She looked at the dead eye beneath. The lens had fused into a cloudy white membrane, hiding the pupil. She checked the other eye.

"There are cataracts over both eyes," she said. She looked over at Mulder. "Probably heat induced."

"What do you mean, probably?" Mulder responded, his voice filled with astonishment. He turned and picked up the plastic bag on the anatomical scale next to him. Inside the bag was a charred piece of flesh, burned almost--but not quite--past the point of recognition. It was a human heart.

Mulder held the bag out to Scully and said, "The kid's heart was cooked right inside his chest."

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